Watch The Bollywood Actor Ranveer Singh In A New Look Ranveer Ching

shumailrafique     Entertainment     August 21, 2016 


The Bollywood star Ranveer singh has recently play the role of Ranveer Ching in a short film named “Ranveer Ching Returns” directed by Rohit Shetty which is not actually a film but a leading food brand commercial. He also played the role of his mother by himself As “Maa ching”.

He said: “I always wanted to play the role of a mother. And thanks to Rohit Shetty, I finally got to play this part”.

The directer of the film Rohit shetty also spoke about the energy and madness that he required for the commercial,

He said: “One needs to be little crazy for this kind of a thing. We all are little cracked in upper chamber. You must have seen in my film. You need to be a little mad for this line of work,”

he also said. “I was giving it a lot of thought. ‘Should I do it, How to do it?’ Then Ranveer Singh joined the team and he said let’s go all out.” 

The commercial is about a Chinese food which is very well filmed like a Bollywood movie and the acting of the Ranveer Singh As Ranveer Ching was really appreciated as Bajirao star can do any kind of role.

the directer also claimed that  “he is a very good scriptwriter as the basic concept of the ad was his.”