Sharif Awan Music Producer From Pakistan Wins Gold Medal in International Music Awards

Zara Batool     Entertainment     June 19, 2016 

Sharif Awan a music Director from Pakistan win International award in Global music Award in California USA.He has been awarded a Gold medal for his brilliant talent in Global music awards on June 16, 2016.

Sharif Awan has been awarded for his famous album Indus Raag:Music Beyond Borders which was trending all over the world. The album Indus Raag: Music Beyond Borders  shows the legacy of sub-continent tradition.


Sharif Awan has been selected among the nine artists from different countries for the gold medal. The first time in history a Pakistani album is prominent in an international award show for music.Awan also announced the release of Indus Raag 2, the second series of the album. More than 60 musicians from various countries all over the world are the part for this album.

  • Shumail Rafique

    Proud to be pakistani 🙂