Mufti AbdulQawi Flirting With Qandeel Baloach On Live Tv Channel

shumailrafique     Entertainment     June 21, 2016 

Qandeel baloach is a well known Pakistani controversial actress,famous for her bold videos in social media and strip dance offers to the famous celebrities.recently in a private TV channel talk show  she faced a very well known Pakistani Islamic scholar Mufti AbdulQawi where everybody found him flirting with Qandeel baloach on live show and also show the interest to go her city and meet her personally. Apart of all that things Mufti AbdulQawi praise the controversial actress for what she did in past the bold videos by saying this these are her GOD gifted abilities we should praise her  instead of condemn and make her stop doing this.In the complete talk show the Mufti looked quite interested to make a good relationship with Qandeel Baloach.

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