Imran Khan Third Marriage News Continue to Swirl in Pakistan PTI Refute News

Anika Ahmad     News     July 12, 2016 

Once Again News of  Imran Khan Marriage circulating in Pakistan Media. Everyone wants to know that is it a real news?  So here we are providing you the facts about this news. If we go with rights of  a man and according to our religion Islam he is allowed to got married even third time. But some people is saying that it is very shameful behavior I don’t know why they are saying that even our religion gives permission to us. This news is circulating while he was in London and after listening he laughed on Pakistan Media. imran khan smile

 It is uncovered that he thought of third marriage after his two unsuccessful marriage . According to PTI member NAEEM UL HAQ  the news of Imran khan third marriage is totally wrong but sources reveal that Imran decided for third marriage . Imran khan decided once again for marriage after the advise from Bushra Maneeka. He decided to marry a girl from Maneeka Family. Imran khan is also wearing a ring in his finger  that he got from  Bushra. Imran khan is spending vacations in London  with His children. Sisters Of IK said that they dón’t know about Imran’s third marriage.

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