Amjad Sabri Killed By Terrorists in Karachi with 6 Bullets in The Body

shumailrafique     Entertainment     June 22, 2016 

Another man has been killed in brutal target killing in Karachi city The famous Qawal Amjad Sabri killed at gun Attack in Karachi city.The famous Qawal was in his car (Honda civic) with two oh his close relatives then two target killers on bike came across them and start straight firing on the car which make them very injured.people said the car with injures remain there 15 to 20 minutes  then they rushed to the hospital where all the three persons declared dead including the famous Qawal Amjad Sabri who was attacked by six bullets  enough to kill a person.

Amjad fareed sabri was born on December 23, 1976 The son of great Qawal Ghulam fareed sabri . He had start learning Qawali at the age of nine from the great teacher, his father Ghulam fareed sabri. he joined his father on stage at the age of 12 years and people fell in love with him. Afterwards he became the famous Qawal like his father and keeps the family heritage higher.some of his famous qawali’s are “Bhar do joli meri” , “Mera koi nahi hai tere siwa” , “Karam mangta hun” and “savere savere” some of famous Qawali’s from his collection. But today June 22, 2016 is the dark day that we just lost him.A very sad moment for millions of his fans.

  • Mubasher Ali


  • hassan

    lost another legend.. dark day for us…Rest in peace

  • Anas Tahir

    RIP Allah Jannat ma ala maqaam ata farmye

  • Shumail Rafique

    Rest In Peace