15 + Home Made Remedies & 3 Methods To Remove Acne In Days

shumailrafique     Health Care     September 6, 2016 

As you know Most of People and specially teenager both male and female find suffering themselves from acne. So the problem is how acne occur and how we can get rid of them. Some times acne is due to hormone problems or due to stress. And Food Style is another factor of acne. For Example Junk Foods May help acne to occur. And there are several ways to treat hormone problem and acne problem. Some of the methods we are going to discus below. You can get rid of acne by just changing your life style. There are 3 methods to get rid of acne. In first method we will talk about changing life style and in second method we will discus about home made remedies and in third method we will discus about the medical treatments.

Method 1:

In Method 1 We will just discus about little changing in your life style like morning walk, exercise etc.

Daily Exercise :

Exercise is the most important thing in life not for acne but also for your other body parts. It will help to low your stress level. how it can low your stress because exercise release endorphin and it helps to reduce your stress level. Exercise on Regular Basis will help you to get rid of stress and acne.

Acne Exercise

Morning Walk In Foggy Grass :

Morning Walk is best option to reduce many diseases. Not Only acne but also it helps to control to your blood pressure, sugar level and prevent you from heart attacks. Modern Research says that morning walk plays a vital role in a health person. But When You walk on foggy wet grass that will help you to improve stomach problem. Mostly people have acne to their stomach problems. If your stomach is happy then all the things going to be good. By Trying This remedy you get help to remove acne as well as you face color is going to bright.

Walk In Wet Grass To Remove Acne

Eat Healthy & Drink Lots Of  Water: 

Eating Wrong Food Or Junk Food Or the food that contains more oil will help acne to come out on your body. So Avoid to eat Junk Foods and eat healthy foods. And Eat certain amount of vitamins and eat lots of fruit and vegetables that helps to improve your skins. eg: Whole Grains, Fruits and Vegetables.

healthy food to remove acne

And Drinking lots of water will also help to remove acne quickly.  Although you all know how water is important for all our body and doctors said that a person must have to consume 8 glass of water daily but there is no set amount of drinking water. And you might have to know that water detoxify the human body so it helps to purify your skin.

drink water to remove acne

Now We Are Going TO Discus Method 2 About Home Made Remedies. Click The Page 2 In the pagination Below.

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